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Infography - Dominique de Bardonnèche-Berglund

The Catharsis Application Program (CAP) is an original therapeutic approach blending music listening and graphic expression.

Planet-CAP offers this remarkable and innovative program online. The methodology combines listening to uniquely composed musical selections while engaging in graphic expression coupled with writing and verbal expression. The process does not contain any guided visualization or self-suggestion.

You do not need to be an artist to participate in this program. Your willingness to express yourself through drawing is all you need to experience a benefit from the process.

This simple and effective methodology unfolds over 12-weekly sessions ideally on the same day and designated hour each week to establish a pattern for positive change. The 13th week a final assessment is provided to assess your journey.

An Integrative Approach with a team of dedicated professionals

The program is designed to address psychological issues, speech/language deficits, and personal or professional development goals. Depending on your needs, your assigned CAP facilitator for your online sessions will either be a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a medical professional or a speech therapist. At the end of the 12 sessions, a CAP practitioner who has advanced training in symbolic assessment will provide a comprehensive evaluation as well as an individualized treatment or personal action plan.

All of our facilitators are supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist to provide you a safe and meaningful experience. This professional will assess your needs prior to the program and your experience after the final assessment.

During the 3 months program, you’ll have the ability to share your experience with your facilitator and keep in close contact with him/her. The final assessment will be performed by an expert in the field of symbols and drawing analysis in conjunction with your CAP facilitator. This collaboration allows you to receive the highest quality of service, as each evaluator will bring their individual expertise to provide you with a meaningful and insightful assessment about your CAP journey.

Dedicated to excellence, the CAP process is a very human approach. When you enter the CAP program with us, you will be working with a group of people who are themselves involved on a path of transformation and are committed to helping you on your journey of personal growth.

After your free consultation, you’ll schedule a consultation with a clinical psychologist who will find out more about you as an individual while she/he helps you to set your goals before starting the program sessions. This helps us to assure you the most personalized journey possible.

Why a combination of music and drawing?

MUSIC has proven to:


  • Regulate stress-related hormones
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase levels of melatonin, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine
  • Create a direct access to the emotions

DRAWING has been proven to:


  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Enhance creative problem solving and intuition
  • Produce an overall state of alertness
  • Regulate the emotions


WITH OVER 30 YEARS of clinical application we have observed that CAP offers these major benefits:


  • decreased stress, fear, anxiety and pain
  • increased desire to communicate and interact effectively
  • enhanced feelings of relaxation and peace
  • develop a creative mind

Expertise and Convenience

Work from the comfort of your home with a team of professional dedicated to excellence. We are not here to label you but to help you to thrive and become the person you deserve to be.

Comprehensive evaluation

Unique to the CAP process, is the final assessment offering insights into your journey. After completing the program, you will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation of your drawings and other information collected during the twelve session program. The series of drawings reveal your personal story through symbols. Through the assessment process you will discover and gain new awareness into your inner world giving you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential.

After the final assessment, which uncovers a more symbolic and archetypal understanding of your experience, you will achieve a consciousness that will stimulates a process of profound change. This revelation will help you sustain the insights and liberating feelings achieved with the CAP experience.

Safe process

You are never alone during the course of the program

  • If, during the program, you need to arrange additional sessions to process your feelings, you will be connected, online - at no extra charge - to a professional who will assess your needs.
  • If you have a psychologist, psychiatrist or other healthcare practitioner you have established care with, the CAP facilitator agrees to make contact with him/her on your behalf. CAP is designed as a therapeutic tool to compliment your established therapy.

Confidentiality and Security for CAP On-line services

Our online CAP module is password protected and only permits the CAP professionals and the client to sign into the meeting at any given time. Practitioners provide clients with the same privacy that would be afforded to them if the sessions were conducted in-person. CAP follows HIPAA guidelines for confidentiality and privacy. A more detailed description of our on-line services guidelines and procedures will be provided to the client prior to beginning CAP services.

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