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Mr V. - Beginning of the process

 Mr V. - End of the process

«CAP has changed my life. I was suffering from a severe stuttering problem that causes fear of social contact. It has been one year since I did the CAP program and I must say that the fear of stuttering is gone and I have a more fluid speech. It helped me to come out of the depth of loneliness which I had locked myself up. I went back in college and I have returned to a beautiful lively social life.» —  Mr. V. (stuttering disorder)

The speech therapist at CAP offers services to help with a variety of speech or learning disorders. CAP is an excellent tool to establish a relationship of trust with patients for whom verbal communication is problematic.


A very efficient Process



  • Suitable for all ages beginning at the age of 6
  • Creates opportunities to understand the emotional component of a speech disorder
  • Provides an accurate view of relationship problems (family, work, school) that can block the learning process
  • Ability to express difficulties or painful experiences without the need of using words
  • Gently accesses emotions that block the healing process
  • Reduction of invasive emotions
  • A more rapid integration of therapeutic interventions utilized during speech therapy sessions
  • Feeling of well-being and acceptance of changes needed for growth
  • And the most important over all: acceleration of the healing process hence decrease the time needed to fix a speech problem, written disorder or a learning concerns.

Girl 10 years old - Beginning of the process

Girl 10 years old - End of the process

Services for children, adolescents, adults

B. 12 years old,

Hearing impairment and behavioral issue

At CAP we work with all age groups and in specialties where the emotional component is strongly activated. In our experience, we have seen people suffering from stuttering, mutism, hyperactivity, voice disorder, writing disorder, and learning difficulties greatly benefit from the CAP process.

The programmed sessions help you better identify your problems and eliminate blockages that hinder your success. CAP is a supportive adjunctive intervention which will eventually allow you to reduce the number of speech therapy session needed to accomplish your goals.

CAP as an artistic mediated method complements your regular speech therapy exercises. It does not replace rehabilitation. It prepares and stimulates your speech therapy session by making them more effective. With CAP, we offer a highly structured and codified accompaniment, different from traditional speech therapy exercises: we offer another language, the symbolic language of drawing.

The support by a qualified speech therapist has an effect of mobilizing your inner potential while accelerating your rehabilitation.

See what Harriet has to say about CAP for her son with an autistic disordert:

Harriet - Results

Harriet - Presentation

Harriet - Final Assessment

  • CAP On-line services are not provided to children with significant behavioral or cognitive issues that prevent them from using a computer.
  • Contact us to find a Cap facilitator in your area


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