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"People who have some major emotional or psychological issues like abuse or addiction... I think if they went through this process, it would eliminate years and years of destructive behavior and mental fears... This is one-stop shop... This is what you need to do!" — Gina (eating disorder recovery)

Clinical effectiveness of the CAP Process

  • Suitable for all ages, beginning at the age of 6
  • Taps into memories and emotions effortlessly
  • Work at your own pace
  • Allows the expression of feelings or emotion not otherwise expressible
  • Addresses the source of your core issues
  • Effective change in a safe and facilitating environment
  • Get results that are not always achieved in talk therapy
  • A possible first step for emotional expression prior to initiating psychotherapy
  • Avoid the need for conscious exploration into past trauma
  • Flexible and spontaneous method utilizing the appeal of art
  • Helps to promote emotional, mental and social growth

Child & Adolescent therapy services

Psychologists with CAP offer services to facilitate change in children and adolescents who are struggling with behavioral challenges, developmental milestones and psychological instability.
During childhood and adolescence, many youth have a difficult time understanding their feelings and verbally communicate their emotions. The frustration felt can often turn into anger, serious high-risk behavior, shyness or lack of confidence.

Listening to music and expressing their feeling through drawing is a safe and a meaningful way for them to connect with their inner essence and creativity. CAP is a simple process that can eliminate years of toxic emotion and damaging attitudes. Often this process helps them to discover their gift and talent for coping with challenges of life creatively. CAP is a way to help our youths to experience a better life and to free themselves from burdensome emotional baggage.

See how CAP online made a difference for Jacque and her son:

Adult therapy services

Psychologists with CAP offer services to help adults with various psychological issues: depression, phobias, stress, burn out, addiction, eating disorder, behavioral disorders , neurosis, low self esteem, emotional dependency… but also concerns during life transitions work transition, divorce, bereavement…. CAP is a method of drawing while listening to a series of specific musical compositions. It is a form of psychotherapy in which the art of drawing is the primary form of communication through which strong emotions can be expressed, processed and understood. The esthetic component of the artwork is secondary to its value as an interactive medium. Drawings are used as the medium for communication, coupled with verbal expression for those who desire to contribute their thoughts and feelings vocally.

“I was able to express myself outside of words, outside of others, to yell, to scream, to be happy and to feel all of that. I was able to speak to myself in total security (even if it was painful).” — Lucienne

Read how professionals described the process

«Individuals are able to reacquaint themselves with the underlying framework that supports their internal world, made up of strengths, weaknesses, psychological and spiritual forces, all of which are stimulated and mobilized by the music.» — Dr. Michel Mouret, Psychiatrist

«We do not force anything but allow the process to happen. Each person gives their consent or not ... It is a gentle technique that respects the individual because one's evolution progresses at their own pace...»  Ms. Touron (a psychiatric nurse who, for the past 30 years, has applied the program in Relaxazur, a psychiatric aftercare clinic - Dr. L. Duclaud, Neuropsychiatrist and Director)

«…CAP allows and has the specificity to restore patients to health in total security with respect to their personal path of development." — Dr Christian Simonin, psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Read a thoughtful expression by a CAP participant

«That's it! I hit the nail on the head and got to the core. Tears flow. Painful experiences, which stifles, engulfs, and controls is exorcized. It is as if this music has cleaned and pacified all of my past in order for me to separate myself from it.» N.C., Infirmière.

CAP On-line Therapy is not intended to provide services to individuals who are:


  • feeling suicidal or homicidal
  • under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • experiencing psychotic symptoms or a severe mental illness

Individuals will not be accepted for the CAP program under these circumstances.

Please contact us to get the name of a CAP facilitator in your area.

Important !

CAP is not designed to respond to emergency or crisis intervention.

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