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Listen to your intuition instead of reasoning

"It lifts me up. I feel like I'm being carried away. Nothing can touch me; it's like I've found the way to happiness. It is victory, achievement, the attainment of accomplishment in my life. I no longer suffer. I am no longer subjected to that big empty feeling inside which nothing or no one can fill. It is a feeling of serenity, a feeling of resolution.”   Nicole Clerc, Nursing professional


Clinical Effectiveness of the CAP Process



  • Appropriate for all ages beginning at the age of 6
  • Change negative thinking patterns which can create obstacles for growth
  • Cultivate a more understanding attitude toward yourself and others
  • Enhances your focus and concentration
  • Explore destructive patterns of behavior which can impact personal and professional relationships
  • Improves communication nurturing healthy relationships
  • Helps children to manage feelings and behavior
  • Nurtures self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Discover approaches to cope with challenging life transition
  • Understand the meaning of symbols which offers daily insights to our Self
  • Most importantly deepen your intuition and learn to apply it in any circumstances of your life

Anne - Beginning of CAP

Anne - End of CAP

Thomas - Beginning of CAP

Thomas - End of CAP

"But seriously, I think that it's a good experience to at least one time draw with this melody that, all the while keeping the same style, manages to modulate itself from one CD to the next , to transmute itself, to go from imprisonment to freedom (for example)" Thomas

Read the insight Gabrielle gained through experiencing CAP

“Each week, a new insight into my behaviors or subconscious patterns surfaced for examination and reflection. The process also brought images to my dreams each week, providing me with another layer of enlightenment about my beliefs and perceptions. I have been aware of the power of vibrational frequencies, and have seen firsthand how music can change a person’s attitude, but I didn’t know it could help in accessing deeply-buried subconscious thoughts. Seeing and releasing my subconscious thoughts has had a ripening effect, where every day brings a greater awareness, feelings of calm, and a deep peace of mind. No matter where you are on your path, you will benefit from experiencing this process.”  – Gabrielle Raumberger, Creative Director

See how CAP made a difference for Gisela:

Services for all ages

Our professional facilitators offer CAP services to help with a variety of life issues and transitions. We all at some time in our lives experience a shock or grief and often are faced with stressors, which cause us to feel unfulfilled. You may be in a period of personal questioning and desire to better understand yourself or long to improve your relationship with family, children, spouse or co-workers. In all situations where you or a loved one feels overwhelmed by life events, CAP can help you gain personal insight and recover a positive direction in life.

Some of you may desire to search for answers to life's challenges through deep inner exploration. The CAP process offers you with an opportunity to travel on your journey without concern of the unknown or unexpected. With the ability to embrace the infinite possibilities of one's evolution, you will open your heart to discover the richness of life deep within yourself. CAP generates a movement, which motivates us to genuinely and authentically examine our life's path and inspires us to commit fully to being present in the world.

Personal development with CAP is about how our children and ourselves come to understand who we are and what we can do to improve our behavior and outlook on life. Drawing under musical induction is a time when we allow ourselves to let go and to process subconsciously. As we free ourselves from our usual way of communication, we explore new personal insights that help us to understand ourselves in relation to others, how we interact with our family, how we make friends, how we perceive ourselves in society and how we behave towards others. It is from this place of global and inner understanding that we can grow emotionally and develop a better sense of who we really are and what we really want. As we become more connected to our emotions and to the emotions of other, our ability to be empathetic expands and we find a way to communicate compassionately with our children, family, partner, co-workers.  Even if you are in a phase of transition, CAP will help you to make healthier choices professionally or personally.

N.T., 29 ans, Phase of transition

Read this thoughtful expression by CAP participant

"Last year, I had embarked on a journey to heal years of gastrointestinal issues more holistically. My doctor suggested that I find the emotional source of conflict and stress in my life. With the combination of Chantal’s approach of using music, drawing, and dream symbology, I was able to look deeper into unresolved emotional issues from my childhood and let them go. Today, I no longer feel the anxiety I used to. I am much more calm and at peace. I have also discovered that I am no longer triggered by the things that once brought on high stress. As a result, I have brought my health issues under control by addressing the underlying source—old emotional wounds.” — Bhavi Patel, Documentary Filmmaker


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